The Constitution for Panem

In this government, there will be one absolute ruler, but they must serve the People, and not interfere with their inalienable rights. To do so would seal one's fate of eternal imprisonment or even execution.
Article I
Election of the President:
Only the mayor of Each District may vote for the president of Panem. If he or she so chooses, the mayors may hold private elections to see who the people
want as the president, but ultimately, it's the mayor who decides which candidate their District votes for. The President has the power to amend the Constitution. But, if the amendment is undesirable, the Districts, meaning the mayor of each District, may vote for the veto of the amendment. The Districts may also petition for an amendment, but the President can refuse. However if the majority of the Districts petition for the same law again, then the President must put it into the Constitution.

Article II
If the Districts rebel, then there will be a yearly games called the Hunger Games. Two children from each District will be chosen to participate. One girl, and one boy between the ages of 12 and 18. They will be put into a massive outdoor arena and they will have to fight to the death. The Victor will receive eternal immunity from all Reapings(the picking of Tributes for the Games), and the District in which the Victor lives, will receive free food a week called Parcel Day for a year. The winning District will also be showered in gifts. Every twenty-five years, a special version of the Games will take place called the Quarter Quell. 

Article III
Any powers not expressed in this Constitution as belonging to the Capitol(National Government) belong to the mayors of each District.

The Bill of Rights
First Amendment:
The People have the freedoms of religion, speech, assembly, press, and petition.

Second Amendment:
The People have the right to self-defense. If someone kills someone else in self-defense, and it's proven in the courts that that was the cause of death,
then the defender will not be convicted. And the People have the right to bear arms.

Third Amendment:
The People have a right to a fair trial by jury.

Fourth Amendment:
A permit must be given to each member of a family in order to move to another District. The permit request must go through the Justice Building of the citizens(') current District of residence, the Justice Building of the District they are requesting to move to, and finally through the Capitol Justice Building. And no citizen of any District OR the Capitol may move to either District Ten or District Thirteen. If more citizens for those Districts are needed, then people will be moved there upon the President's decision. A notice will be put forth when new citizens are needed for those Districts. And only citizens who work for a smaller business that has nothing to do with their District's primary business may even apply for a DMP(District Moving Permit)