The C stands for the Capitol. It is the District that the Capitol
resides in. It has several other small cities, but the majority is just one, large, super city.
District 4 and District 5 are the fishing Districts.
District 2 and District 8 are the cattle Districts. They provide the beef, and dairy products for the country. District 7 is the lumber District. District 1 makes luxury items. District 3 makes electronics. District 6 and District 11 are the Farming Districts. District 9 is the textile District. District 10 and District 13 make top-secret government weapons. District 12 is the coal and graphite mining District.


 I am part of the Laptev alliance on FB Nations. Panem is the small, bright orange country in the southwest of the map. I made the map of my country in this big map too.